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Since 2015, we have been filming some of the world's greatest classical musicians behind the scenes. And sharing them with the world.

Standing in the back of a Hyperion recording session in 2015, I knew I was about to witness something special. Steven Isserliss had just agreed to let me film a few moments of him playing through Holst's The Fall of the Leaf after a frantic day of concerto recording. As the lights went down, we captured one of the most magical moments we could have imagined. This was the personal creative time of one of the great masters, and we were sharing in it.

This was the beginning of what was to become a small but passionate filming activity. With just a single hand-held camera we went about finding out how to be invisible as the world's greatest musicians found their moments.

Two years in, Fly On The Wall has become a reality. We have built a small but amazing team passionate about looking inside classical music. We put out this series on Classic FM, with around a million views to date. And our album editing commissions have won awards and recommendations from The Sunday Times, Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and more.

More recently we have been partnering with independent musicians who want to draw on our format to share their own intimate experiences online. Inspired by the format of TED and TEDx, we are now building a library of what we hope might come to span the entire gamut of independent classical music activity.

- Stewart, Founder


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The Team
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Avatar si e0890b39b77fcbb0492253ad2deb3319a01a7ea50f77f89108f7fe7fa7578f03 Silvia Iacovcich, Producer
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