Film a FOTW:independent project

Think of FOTW:independent as creating your own roadshow for the audiences you connect with. By filming a FOTW:independent film you will have the opportunity to reach out to the people in your own online communities.

Creativity before a concert

Why hide your best creative moments behind closed doors? Many of our FOTW:independent films are the exciting final sessions before a concert, recording or presentation.

Inspired in recording sessions

Other artists film whole takes during CD sessions as a window into their creative process. Your best performances often happen in the studio: why not get your communities engaged with a teaser before the album launch.

Apply to film your FOTW:independent video

FOTW:independent films are available to professional classical musicians with active creative projects - often recordings or final pre-concert practice sessions. As part of our charitable aims, we subsidise these videos by 50% (£400) providing a reduced cost, professional video product for musicians looking to enrich the online communities around them.

Apply to join FOTW:independent