We're always looking for new artists and projects to inspire us. Through our FOTW series, we are exploring the magic of the musical moment through uncut film — but it all starts with the right subjects. Let us know about the most inspiring musicians in your network.

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At FOTW we search constantly for the magical moments with the most fascinating musicians. If you know someone who would fit the FOTW series, or if you belong here yourself, we want to hear from you! Please use the artist recommendation form to tell us why this person would be well-suited to Fly On The Wall.

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We rely on our industry associates - labels and agencies - to support our videos and connect us with incredible artists. To date, our films have been used to promote projects from ClassicFM, Intermusica, Hyperion, Naxos, Chandos, IMG, Askonas Holt, Harmonia Mundi USA and even Lufthansa. If your company has access to top musicians or passionate audiences, and see the value in supporting our project, let us know with the form below!

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