The FOTW Project

Selected moments from the original Fly On The Wall experiment.

"What if you only had a handheld camera, two mics, a couple of spotlights and just enough film for a single take?"
After over 200 films, this page is part of our answer to ourselves: a development diary of our particular minimalist production and post-production approach to music video.

Watch fifteen of our favourite artists, undisturbed and in full flow.

#01 Cédric Tiberghien
'Romanian Folk Dances (Bartok)'

Cedric Tiberghien finds his flow as he prepares for his Hyperion recording sessions. This single take performance was shot at London's iconic Henry Wood Hall.

#classical #piano #hyperion #fotw

#02 Steven Isserlis
'Fall of the Leaf (Holst)'

Steven takes a few minutes to reconnect after an intense orchestral concerto rehearsal day. The video was filmed in London's Henry Wood Hall.

#classical #hyperion #cello #fotw

#03 Trio Aventure
'Livri (Couperin)'

Watch Pavel, Elina and Aurelien explore their new group as they prepare to launch on the BBC's 'In-Tune' show. The film was shot in their first and final creative session after two intensive months of concerts apart.

#classical #piano #chamber #fotw

#04 Boris Giltburg
'Suggestion Diabolique (Prokofiev)'

Boris Giltburg plays Prokofiev's fiendish 'Suggestion Diabolique'. The video was taken from a late night concert run-through in a Maida Vale practice room, London.

#classical #piano #fazioli #fotw #intermusica

#05 Vickers-Bovey Duo
'Prelude & Fugue (Castelnuovo-Tedesco)'

Dan and Julian play this classic guitar duo by Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The film was shot in a church just off the bustling Oxford Street in London.

#classical #guitar #fotwx

#06 Marc-André Hamelin
'Lisa (Gershwin)'

Watch Marc-André having fun with Gershwin's 'Lisa' for Fly on the Wall. The film was taken while relaxing at the end of heavy sessions in South Wales.

#classical #piano #hyperion #fotw

#07 Richard Goode
'Molto Moderato (Schubert)'

Watch Richard Goode's personal moment of focus with this Schubert masterpiece. Just hours before his Royal Festival Hall tour finale, we filmed him connecting with the space in the late afternoon while the hall was being prepared.

#classical #piano #fotw #intermusica

#08 Tim Mead
'Cantata (Bach)'

While the conductor takes a break, counter-tenor Tim Mead and La Nuova Music perform a single run-through of Bach's famous cantata for A Fly on the Wall. The session was filmed inbetween recording session at a church in Finchley, North London.

#classical #vocal #fotw #hmusa

#09 The Navarra Quartet
'Très lent (Ravel)'

The Navarra Quartet performing this magnificent slow movement during rehearsal in the Norfolk countryside.

#10 The King's Singers
'The Rose (McBroom)'

The King's Singers take a moment to share a piece from their new album in an ancient Templar church. The video was shot in the City of London.

#11 Pavel Kolesnikov
'Prelude (Chopin)'

Pavel finds a special moment of reflection as he explores this Chopin masterpiece late at night in a central London practice-room. The film was shot after a video-masterclass on another Chopin masterpiece.

#classical #piano

#12 Andrey Gugnin
'Tabatière à musique (Friedman)'

Andrey Gugnin joins FOTW in North London to share a little-known work from his coming album. The film was shot in a small church in Kentish Town.

#13 Alban Gerhardt
''Cello Suite (Bach)''

Alban takes a break from the intensity of an all-Bach patching session to perform a complete movement from a J.S. Bach cello suite. The film was shot in the leafy countryside of Monmouth, Wales.

#classical #cello #fotw

#14 Marco Fatichenti
'Goyescas (Part I)'

Italian pianist Marco Fatichenti captured in the early evening, playing this passionate & reflective Granados Goyesca. We filmed him in the deserted Wellington College where he teaches in Berkshire.

#classical #piano #fotwx

#15 Julian Metzger & Marco Fatichenti
'Goyascas (Part II)'

Julian and Marco steal a moment between teaching classes to explore this Granados classic. We filmed their Fly On the Wall the week before their first festival, in a school hall in Berkshire where they rehearse.

#classical #cello #fotwx