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Julian Metzger & Marco Fatichenti

Julian and Marco rehearse their track 'Andante' by Rachmaninov. We shot their AFOTW film in an early 20th century private-school hall in Berkshire.

classical, chamber, cello

Ivan Moshchuk & Alexey Shadrin

Watch Ivan and Aleksey play one of Rachmaninov's most beautiful melodies: Vocalise. The film was shot in an old film-studio - the Jam Handy - in mid-town Detroit.

classical, chamber, cello

Alban Gerhardt

Alban Gerhardt plays Rostropovich's showpiece for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed during Alban's recording sessions in the Monmouth countryside, South Wales.

classical, cello, hyperion

Steven Isserlis
'Fall of the Leaf'

Steven Isserlis finishes an intense recording day with 'Fall of the Leaf' by Holst. The video was filmed in central London's Henry Wood Hall.

classical, cello, hyperion

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