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Raw footage. Real musicians. True talent.

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Marco Fatichenti

Italian pianist Marco Fatichenti captured in the early evening, playing this passionate & reflective Granados Goyesca. We filmed him in the deserted Wellington College where he teaches in Berkshire.

19k views #classical #piano

Boris Giltburg

Boris prepares his piano version of Shostakovich's String Quartet the night before his Naxos Recording. We filmed him putting the finishing touches to the piece, late after hours at the Jaquaes Samuel's Fazioli Showroom.

18k views #piano #classical #fazioli

Emmanuel Despax

Watch Emmanuel Despax playing a lightning fast take from his new Chopin album. The film was made in the Wyastone concert hall in the leafy Monmouth district of Wales.

70k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Francoise-Green Duo

Robin and Antoine play their disquietening Kurtag-Bach piece during their London recording session. The background is the iconic St John's Smith Square in central London.

19k views #classical #piano

Richard Goode
'Molto Moderato'

Watch Richard Goode's personal moment with this Schubert masterpiece. Just hours before his Royal Festival Hall concert we filmed him settling into the hall.

<10k views #classical #piano

Boris Giltburg
'Etude Tableaux'

Boris Giltburg plays his a track from his recent Naxos Rachmaninov album. We filmed him late at night, practicing alone at Jaques Samuels Pianos, central London.

41k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Luca Buratto
'Dance of the League of David'

Recent Honens prize-winner Luca Buratto playing a Schumann dance for A Fly on the Wall. The video was recorded at the Nimbus recording studio in Wales.

34k views #classical #piano #hyperion

Louis Schwizgebel

Swiss artist Louis Schwizgebel performing at London's Wigmore Hall. The film was ahead of his evening concert, during his afternoon preparations.

75k views #classical #piano

AyseDeniz Gokcin

AyseDeniz Gokcin plays her piece 'Watches', based on Coldplay's 'Clocks'. Her A Fly on the Wall performance was recorded at Masterchord; a recording studio in Whetstone, London.

103k views #classical #piano

Rosey Chan
'Blues For Ravel'

Rosey Chan takes a break from her recording sessions to improvise a blues for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed at Henry Wood Hall, SE London.

27k views #classical #piano

Daniel Petrica Ciobanu
'Die Fledermaus'

Watch Daniel Ciobanu during a late night practice session at Jaques Samuel Pianos, London. The piece - 'Die Fledermaus' is an solo arrangement of music by Strauss.

76k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Nikolai Demidenko
'Fairy Tale'

Nikolai Demidenko joins us in central London to play Medtner's 'Fairy Tale'. His A Fly on the Wall performance was filmed at Jaques Samuel Pianos in central London.

<10k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Boris Giltburg
'Suggestion Diabolique'

Russian pianist Boris Giltburg plays Prokofiev's fiendish 'Suggestion Diabolique'. The video was filmed late at night in a Maida Vale practice room, London.

58k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Marc-André Hamelin

Watch Marc-André performing Gershwin's 'Lisa' for A Fly on the Wall. The film was taken during a break from his Hyperion Records album sessions in South Wales.

28k views #classical #piano #hyperion

Federico Colli

Leeds Prize-winner Federico Colli plays Gounod's 'Marche' for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed in central London at a piano showroom on Edgeware Road.

<10k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Francoise-Green Duo

Robin Green and Antoine Francoise play Schumann's Fantasie for 4 hands. Their A Fly on the Wall film was shot while preparing for their St. John's Smith Square concerts in Cnetral London.

<10k views #classical #piano

Emmanuel Despax
'Dante Sonata'

Emmanuel Despex plays Liszt's entire Dante Sonata for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed during a practice session at the Menuhin Concert Hall in South East England.

14k views #classical #piano #fazioli

Marc-André Hamelin

Watch Marc Andre Hamelin playing classic Haydn. A Fly on the Wall caught this moment of relaxation in a break from recording his latest Hyperion album.

<10k views #classical #piano #hyperion

Cédric Tiberghien
'Folk Dance'

Cedric Tiberghien plays a Bartok Folk Dance. The film was taken with the red recording-light on for Hyperion in Central London.

<10k views #classical #piano #hyperion

Marco Fatichenti
'Feux d’artefice'

Watch Marco Fatichenti playing Debussy's 'Feux d'artefice'. The video was filmed in the Berkshire countryside during a recording session.

<10k views #classical #piano

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