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Julian Metzger & Marco Fatichenti
'Nana (De Falla)'

Julian and Marco play this hypnotic Spanish masterpiece by Manuel de Falla. We filmed their FOTW:independent film in a school hall in Berkshire where they rehearse.

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Margherita Torretta

Margherita plays a final run-through of Scarlatti's fiendish Sonata in her first month in London. We filmed Margherita in a central London practice room.

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Marco Fatichenti
'Danseuses de Delphes '

Marco returns to FOTW:indpendent with more tracks from his Debussy 'recreation' project. We filmed him back in Berkshire, in a school music hall.

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Vickers-Bovey Duo
'Prelude & Fugue'

Dan and Julian play this classic guitar duo by Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The film was shot in a church just off the bustling Oxford Street in London.

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Marco Fatichenti

Italian pianist Marco Fatichenti captured in the early evening, playing this passionate & reflective Granados Goyesca. We filmed him in the deserted Wellington College where he teaches in Berkshire.

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Ivan Moshchuk

Ivan plays the classic melody from Orpheus for A Fly On The Wall. The film was shot as part of the Detroit Secret Sessions series.

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Housden-Tarleton Duo
'Prelude & Fugue'

Jiva and George play this captivating version from Bach's well-tempered clavier on guitar. The film was shot in an apartment overlooking the Thames in London.

42k views #classical #guitar #fotwx

David Malusa
'Andante e Polonaise'

David Malusa demonstrates the flagship Kawai piano with this Chopin masterpiece. The film was shot in a piano showroom in central London.

12k views #classical #piano #fazioli #fotwx

Costanza Principe
'Moment Musicaux'

Costanza plays this Rachmaninov masterpiece. The film was shot in central London.

9k views #classical #piano #fotwx

Francoise-Green Duo

Robin and Antoine play their disquietening Kurtag-Bach piece during their London recording session. The background is the iconic St John's Smith Square in central London.

19k views #classical #piano #fotwx

Primavera Shima

Primavera plays Liszt's transcription of Schumann' Widmung. The film was shot in central London.

8k views #classical #piano #fotwx

AyseDeniz Gokcin

AyseDeniz Gokcin plays her piece 'Watches', based on Coldplay's 'Clocks'. Her A Fly on the Wall performance was recorded at Masterchord; a recording studio in Whetstone, London.

103k views #classical #piano #fotwx

Rosey Chan
'Blues For Ravel'

Rosey Chan takes a break from her recording sessions to improvise a blues for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed at Henry Wood Hall, SE London.

27k views #classical #piano #fotwx

Daniel Petrica Ciobanu
'Die Fledermaus'

Watch Daniel Ciobanu during a late night practice session at Jaques Samuel Pianos, London. The piece - 'Die Fledermaus' is an solo arrangement of music by Strauss.

76k views #classical #piano #fazioli #fotwx

Federico Colli

Leeds Prize-winner Federico Colli plays Gounod's 'Marche' for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed in central London at a piano showroom on Edgeware Road.

<10k views #classical #piano #fazioli #fotwx

Francoise-Green Duo

Robin Green and Antoine Francoise play Schumann's Fantasie for 4 hands. Their A Fly on the Wall film was shot while preparing for their St. John's Smith Square concerts in Cnetral London.

9k views #classical #piano #fotwx

Emmanuel Despax
'Dante Sonata'

Emmanuel Despex plays Liszt's entire Dante Sonata for A Fly on the Wall. The video was filmed during a practice session at the Menuhin Concert Hall in South East England.

14k views #classical #piano #fazioli #fotwx

The Linos Trio
'Trio Sonata'

The Linos Trio play C.P.E. Bach's Trio Sonata. Their A Fly on the Wall was shot in Sir Vernon Ellis' Music Room.

12k views #classical #chamber #fotwx

Marco Fatichenti
'Feux d'artifice'

Watch Marco Fatichenti playing Debussy's 'Feux d'artefice'. The video was filmed in the Berkshire countryside during a recording session.

9k views #classical #piano #fotwx